Make Your Sales Go POP with Point-of-Purchase Displays

POP can be the most under-utilized tool in retail today. Point of Purchase display is an advertising tool generally found in checkout areas. These materials may also be where buying decision is applicable. POP can take all sorts of forms, from a simple sticker in the counter to an elaborate shelf.

This has been a staple strategy for manufacturers. The material highlights the product and draws customer attention. This is very important, especially in a store filled with similar merchandise.

7 Creative Ways for Effective POP

The following will give you a clear idea on how to design effective POP.

  1. Know your value. Observe the market, do surveys and research. Understand and focus on what consumers think is important. Will it give them something they do not have yet? Is it something new? Is it a part of a sale? Like a relaxation on a stressful day, or a tasty candy for a child. You must show that off. Sell your products  click here
  1. Keep Important Details at Eye level. Take the most valuable thing about the product and put it where the customers can read it. Important points at eye levels make it more eye catching.
  2. Make it Unique. Make the design standout either by adding a color or shape. Laser cut details can do the trick. Curvy designs are more eye catching than boxy displays. Bright colors and metal stamps are also great suggestions.
  1. Keep it Well Lit. Design against the lighting. The entrance light is different from the counter. It can play a big role in your display, make it work to enhance your advertisement.
  1. Make the Package Visible. Remember to keep the product package itself visible. Design POP to be a stage, to highlight your merchandise. To make it appear more attractive and pleasing.
  1. Keep it Consistent. Make sure POP reflects the packaging. Make use of the same colors, shapes or common details. Create a harmonious look between the display and the product.
  1. Manage the Location. Place the display in a location where it would make the most impact. Counter top POP should be open enough to allow easy access to the merchandise.
  2. Magento Display Stock Per Website/Store View Using Advanced Inventory

Make your imagination run wild, take ideas from the most common things that easily takes our attention.Also, pay attention to over decorating, it could cause the display to be less appealing. Follow these tips and you should be on your way to effective POP advertising.

Magento Display Stock Per Website/Store View Using Advanced Inventory

If you’re using Magento for so long now and have managed to grow your business in the platform, you might have been wondering how to switch to advanced inventory. Often, a bigger business would mean a bigger inventory. To make sure you do not lose track of anything, an advanced inventory might be just what you need. Learn more about POS

Still not sure if you should use an advanced inventory that would allow you to have your e-commerce business display stocks per website or store? These are just a few of the biggest reasons why enterprises choose to use advanced inventories.

  • Your business operates through several warehouses because all your products would not fit in just one.
  • Your company is being run by a group of people, each of which has his own warehouse for selling online. This is also referred to as distributed distribution.
  • You have different warehouses for different geographical areas.
  • You have a number of warehouses for each branch of your physical store.
  • You have had mishaps related to poor inventory management, which just led to losing customer loyalty and negative word of mouth advertising.
  • 6 Steps to Securing Your Point-of-Sale System

As you can see, it usually boils down to the warehouses your company has. Better inventory management would mean you stay updated as each stock goes out from each website, avoiding scenarios that can possibly cause problems between supplies and orders. We do not want to frustrate our customers and give them a reason to look for another store to buy from. An excellent inventory management would lead to better stocking of items, better store-client relationships, and sales-driven orders and stocks.

Feeling overwhelmed with advanced inventories and how they work? Not to worry. Magento, the platform known for its many useful extensions, has just the add-on you need to effortlessly have an advanced inventory.

The one we have here is just one of the many advanced inventory tool Magento has. You are free to check out the others, but knowing how this particular one works is enough for you to know what you should look for in an inventory add-on.

Wyomind Advanced Inventory

This commercial extension is something you have to pay for, but is well worth it because of its features and functions. Whatever you need to efficiently manage your company inventory, Wyomind has that for you. We have here a list of this app’s great features. Check them out to see if your company needs the app now.

  • You can use the automatic Google Maps integration to show your business times and your stores’ locations.
  • You can also choose to see your stores’ available stocks according to the inventory. This feature is optional, you are free to choose the option that would benefit you and your business the most.
  • The app has a feature of keeping an online stock level and warehouse levels. This means you would know every product’s available stocks real-time. What makes this feature even better is that you can choose to automatically or manually sync your warehouse stock levels to the online store availability. It avoids mishaps in orders, like overselling orders not anymore available.
  • Manual order routing is allowed, too. After the order comes in, you can set this in the app.
  • Magento store views can be assigned to places, or warehouses and shops. This way, you are aware of each warehouse’s stocks. It can even be refined even more through your customer’s ZIP code.
  • learn more Point of Sales

To make sure you meet the demands of your growing business, you have to invest in what your company needs. In this case, an advanced inventory would not only keep things in place, it is also bound to avoid miscalculations in terms of your supplies and the orders you take. That means no more problems in managing your stocks and knowing which of them sells the most, so you can restock more and sell more. How does that sound to you?

6 Steps to Securing Your Point-of-Sale System

We all were impressed when POS systems caught the limelight and made their way to major retailers, making cashless transactions possible. Not only did that meant faster payments, but also more secure settings when you do not have to line up on ATMs to withdraw more cash when what’s in your purse can’t afford your next purchase. It seemed to be what we needed to enjoy shopping even more than we already do, until hacking attacks and security breaches made the news. Buy & Sell products POS

There have been hundreds of thousands of incidents of POS system attacks and breaches which affected the largest POS hardware vendors we all know. These frustrating events were so bad they had the risk of exposing customer data from well-known hotels, retail stores, and even fast food chains. Even Target, one of America’s biggest stores, have fallen victim to hacks, which at that time exposed over 70 million customer data, costing CEO and CIO jobs.

While POS attacks are rampant and prevalent, that’s not to say they cannot be stopped or avoided. The threats all POS systems face could be fought, which is why it is crucial for companies to be informed and updated about how they can potentially prevent it from happening. Ecommerce Platforms

Here are six ways to give those POS attacks and breaches a good fight.

  1. An Apple device, like an iPad, can make a difference.One can easily dismiss the fact that POS attacks usually happen to companies using Windows OS rather than Apple users as a coincidence. But it happened a lot of times already, which says it happens for a reason. The reason being is that hackers are so good in what they do, they have already pilfered your data and you do not know it yet. Because Windows OS are multi-tasking, they can insert malware applications to harm your POS, and you’ll just know it when the attack is full-blown you can’t do anything about it anymore. Apple devices run one app at a time. It is almost impossible for someone to operate it without drawing your attention.
  2. End-to-end encryption is your best friend.This process makes it impossible for hackers to get in your data. The information is encrypted from the bank to the POS, all encrypted in the system, never touching the unit. This process will give you the assurance that customer information is never vulnerable, regardless of the device you use for your POS system.
  3. Do not forget to be PCI compliant. Some stores don’t care if they comply with the PCI guidelines with regards to payment systems. Not only does being PCI compliant improves your online credibility, it will also force you to eliminate cardholder data and take full control of your inventory and business processes.
  4. Get help from the experts. While you carefully monitor everything that happens and stay on top of client information, there is nothing better than hiring security experts. These people know best in terms of attacks and breaches, and will make sure your business is hack-proof. They are not called security experts for nothing.
  5. Install antivirus. This tip is one of those things you already know but simply brush off. We tend to belittle its power to counter attack what could be the death of our business. Antivirus software exists to protect our systems from breaches and attacks that do not only compromise our clients’ information, but their loyalty to the business as well. These apps scan the system and device, and proceed to remove suspicious apps and files.
  6. Consider locking your system.Do not be too comfortable, like letting anyone in the company touch the POS system. There have been hacking attacks linked to inside jobs and simple human error which caused major business blunders. Your employees could either steal the software or lose the device, both of which might be avoided if you protect both device and system at all costs. Make sure you lock down all POS related items in the workplace at the end of the day.
  7. Make Your Sales Go POP with Point-of-Purchase Displays

These are just a few ideas on how you can have better control on your POS systems and devices. Attacks and breaches seem to be the disadvantages, the ugly side of technology. Fortunately, there are simply tricks, such as the ones above, that could help us protect our assets from such harm before it takes us down the drain.