Make Your Sales Go POP with Point-of-Purchase Displays

POP can be the most under-utilized tool in retail today. Point of Purchase display is an advertising tool generally found in checkout areas. These materials may also be where buying decision is applicable. POP can take all sorts of forms, from a simple sticker in the counter to an elaborate shelf.

This has been a staple strategy for manufacturers. The material highlights the product and draws customer attention. This is very important, especially in a store filled with similar merchandise.

7 Creative Ways for Effective POP

The following will give you a clear idea on how to design effective POP.

  1. Know your value. Observe the market, do surveys and research. Understand and focus on what consumers think is important. Will it give them something they do not have yet? Is it something new? Is it a part of a sale? Like a relaxation on a stressful day, or a tasty candy for a child. You must show that off. Sell your products  click here
  1. Keep Important Details at Eye level. Take the most valuable thing about the product and put it where the customers can read it. Important points at eye levels make it more eye catching.
  2. Make it Unique. Make the design standout either by adding a color or shape. Laser cut details can do the trick. Curvy designs are more eye catching than boxy displays. Bright colors and metal stamps are also great suggestions.
  1. Keep it Well Lit. Design against the lighting. The entrance light is different from the counter. It can play a big role in your display, make it work to enhance your advertisement.
  1. Make the Package Visible. Remember to keep the product package itself visible. Design POP to be a stage, to highlight your merchandise. To make it appear more attractive and pleasing.
  1. Keep it Consistent. Make sure POP reflects the packaging. Make use of the same colors, shapes or common details. Create a harmonious look between the display and the product.
  1. Manage the Location. Place the display in a location where it would make the most impact. Counter top POP should be open enough to allow easy access to the merchandise.
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Make your imagination run wild, take ideas from the most common things that easily takes our attention.Also, pay attention to over decorating, it could cause the display to be less appealing. Follow these tips and you should be on your way to effective POP advertising.

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